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Guillermo Eric Frías

Eternaconexión Dear Guille, 2024
Welcome Day: 02/28/1991
Transition Moment: 06/13/2003

Dear Guille,

Today, we say goodbye physically, but your footprints will endure eternally in our hearts. There are no words that can encompass the pain of your absence, but I want to remember you with love and gratitude for the precious gift you were in our lives.

Your light, your laughter, and your unconditional love have left an indelible mark in every corner of our being. Though your physical presence no longer accompanies us, your spirit will live on in every memory, in every shared smile, and in every moment we spent with you.

While the void you leave is overwhelming, I will choose to remember you for the joy you brought into our lives. Your legacy will be the love you sowed, and as we face the darkness of your departure, we will find solace in the light you radiated while you were with us.

Rest in peace, dear Guille. You will always be our beloved son, and we will carry your memory with us as we continue the journey of life. May you find peace in the eternal embrace of the universe.

With eternal love,
Your family.

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